2018 Inductees into the Sports Hall of Fame

This year's Inductees into the Fox Chapel Area Schools Hall of Fame are:

Heather (Rice) Alsabagh  '99
David Borland  '87
Sarah (Prentiss) Brown  '97
Joe O'Donnell  '92
Nick Rivett '06
Tim Sasson  '98
Jack Praski   '68 Sharpsburg Pre-Merger


The Nomination Process

Each year, former Fox Chapel athletes or coaches are nominated by the public via a Nomination Form as possible Hall Inductees.  These persons must have attended or mentored either Fox Chapel Area High School or one of the schools pre-district merger, although their actual athletic achievements of note may not have come about until after graduation. All must have graduated at least ten years prior to date of admission into the Hall of Fame.

In January, the Nominating Committee reviews all the nominations and decides upon the upcoming Inductee Class.  At the same time, the Committee may select a past team to be honored.

Nominations of those not inducted remain on file for future consideration for ten years.  Questions?  Please contact Jim Perry.

All nominees will be spotlighted in upcoming editions of the Sharpsburg Herald.

Who is already in the Hall?

In addition to the 2016 Inductees, the following persons are in the HOF:

The 2017 Hall of Fame Inductees

Jim Kee '66  Aaron Barbout '97  Amanda Campbell Caliendo '05  Adam Hofmann '07 Brian Letters '07 Brian Letters '07 Pat Johnston Coaching   Bob Melick  Aspinwall HS

The 2016 Hall of Fame Inductees

•Dan Destout ’73-Baseball •Gina (McKee) Simpson ’86-Soccer •Pat Liebert ’00-Football •Jim Fazzini ’02-Volleyball •Christa Salerno ’04-Swimming •Meghan Damico ’05-Tennis  •David Prevost, Coach-Tennis

The 2015 Hall of Fame Inductees

The 2015 Inductees were:  Steve Lindsay (Football), Russ Verbovsky (Track) , George Williams (Soccer), Tim Frank (Wrestling, Football, Baseball), Meagan Cowher (Basketball), and Phoebe Monteleone (Hockey). 


Other Past Inductees

2014 Hall of Fame Inductees

Bob McCormick ’70 Chuck Strain ’75  Victoria (Weiss) Kisslinger ’84  David Nury ’88  Bryan Teschke ’03 Tony Novosel, Coach  George Ranii, Aspinwall ’43

2013 Hall of Fame Inductees

Ben Fortun  '96   Emily Shoplik Stipanovich  '01   Lori Barry Smith  '84   Andrew Tsai  '00   Julie Seifried Dillenburg  '59 (Aspinwall)    Jim Marelli, Coach

2012 Hall of Fame Inductees

Dallas Roper  '80 Track And Cross Country, Dick Mcdade  '82 Football, PJ Killian  '89 Football, Thomas Kavanaugh  '96  Soccer, Michelle Sodini  '99  Basketball, Darcy (Sutton) Kotts  '99  Softball, Bill Dawson - Aspinwall  '52  Football,  Jay Seward  -  Coach.
Special Award - Chuck Stover.  

2011 Hall of  Fame Inductees

Jim Walmsley  '68  Soccer, Deborah Shearer  '79  Basketball, Chris McKee  '85  Football,  Ann (Zimmer) Craig  '86 Soccer, Erik Nelson  '94 Basketball,  Mike Frank '00  Wrestling,  Bill Thomas  '01  Hockey, 

Honored Team: 1990 State Championship Soccer team

2010 Hall of  Fame Inductees

Tom Frost, '83  Jessica Kankoski-Goeller, '00  John Hribar, '88  Marco Patitucce, '91  Dana Rofey, '96  Pierce Frauenheim, Aspinwall  '58   Harry Lodge,  Aspinwall  '51  Dan Ross,Coach   Bob Gerhart,  Coach

2009 Hall of  Fame Inductees

Gene Thorpe, '77  Gerard Sansosti, '80  Jody (Morrow) Moore, '85  Chip Zimmerman, '91  Megan (Babst) Lange, '98  Joe Casile, '50 (Aspinwall) 

Ed Boyle Family Scholarship Recipient: Andy Coulson
Frank Fuhrer Family Scholarship Recipient: Aaron Barker

2008 Hall of  Fame Inductees

Craig Mauro, '96  Donna (Maiello) Morosky, '69  David Ostrosky, '89  Ray Tarasi, '86 Susie (Nettlebeck) Watkins, '95  Ron "Bumpy" Powell, '58 Sharpsburg  Chuck Lodge, '48 Aspinwall  Harry Jenkins, Basketball Coach

Honored Team: 1940-41 Sharpsburg Boys' Basketball Team
Frank Fuhrer Family Scholarship Recipient: Andy Filer

2007 Hall of  Fame Inductees

Larry Goodrich, Lanie (Black)Timko, Amanda (Lyle) Kovach, Ron Livingston, Jerry Zaleski  
Honored Team: 1943 Aspinwall Football Team
Frank Fuhrer Family Scholarship Recipient: John Hastings

2006 Hall of  Fame Inductees

Eric Hegedus, Gary Spahr, Walt Johnston, Jim Patterson, Deborah (Flowers) Welty, Art and Virginia Grindle, Lou "Sonny" Yakopec
Honored Team: 1977 Boys Basketball Team
Frank Fuhrer Family Scholarship Recipient: Rob Tenenini

2005 Hall of  Fame Inductees

Theresa (Kabala) Thompson, Steve Balkey, Randy Thompson, Dan Rocco, Dan Schmidt, John Tichon, Edward “Pete” Schmitt, Harry “Hank” Miller

2004 Hall of  Fame Inductees

Darlene “Buffy” Biernesser, Ernie Bonelli, Dave Damico, Jerry Ferrone, J.R. Miller, Paul Rowe, Tim Short

2003 Hall of  Fame Inductees

Bob Friend, Rush Hodgin, Amy DiFrancesco Vankirk, Ted Vaux, Brad Wilson, Gene Susi, Carl “Teddy” Albacker

2002 Hall of  Fame Inductees

Bettina Finn Sipe, Rick Strom, Steve Swanson, Virgil Christian, Tom Bluemling

2001 Hall of  Fame Inductees

Craig Lessman, David Natali, Linda Krumwiede Piedt, Kevin Taylor, Chris Thorpe

2000 Hall of  Fame Inductees

Tom Brandner, Greg Caldwell, Calay Jaynes, Harrison Lauer, Don Schubert

1999 Hall of  Fame Inductees

Stu Lyon, Jim Perry, Andy Peters, Art Rex, Sally Sheerer

1998 Hall of  Fame Inductees

Peter Daigle, Gil Damico, Barry Nelson, Frank Rocco Jr., Patty Thompson-Trantner

1997 Hall of  Fame Inductees

Ed Boyle, Frank Christy, Frank Fuhrer III, Rich Kriston, Gary Nelson, Leo Wisniewski, Michelle Michanowicz-Thompson