Contact Information

Mailing Address:

PO Box 38124 ● Pittsburgh, PA 15238

Hall of Fame Executive Committee:

fox mascot bursting through wallChairperson:  Ron Frank
Secretary: Charlie Mesiano
Treasurer: Gil Damico
Membership: Marian Flowers
Business Plan: Harry Lodge
Sports Auction: Dave Progar, Ron Frank
Banquet: Ron Frank
Golf Outing: Harry Jenkins, Bryan Elder, John Broderick
Newsletter: Bryan Elder
Banquet Emcee: Patrick Frank
Scholarships: Dave Damico
Hall Nomination Committee:  Jim Perry, Charlie Mesiano, Harry Lodge
Walk of Fame Pavers: Ron Frank
FCASD Liaisons: Mike O'Brien

FCASD Athletic Office:

Staff Athletic Director: Michael O’Brien
Assistant Athletic Director: John Panos
Telephone: 412-967-2420
Fax: 412-967-2415
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